The Next Challenge

Amanda Anderson • 5 Feb 2011

mountain to climb

Well I couldn't get to the end of the 30 day blogging challenge without taking on another one to keep me going. So I got myself on another couple. The first is to learn something new each day for the next 30 days. I've already learnt a lot today by browsing through the other's learning.

The other challenge is from a book I discovered online about building a better blog in 31 steps. To tell the truth, I found that the first challenge of blogging every day was a little much, so for this challenge I'm going to take a little longer than the recommended one per day and instead do 2 per week. This way I can alternate with my blogging with this challenge and hopefully keep up with everything.

The first step in building a better blog is to write an elevator pitch for my blog. This way you know what your blog is about and you can focus your posts. I've decided to make this challenge about improving my business blog, which I'm in the process of setting up and starting.

So: the objective of my business blog is to make website owners aware of the mistakes others make and how to avoid them. I figured this is the best place to start!


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  • Hi Amanda! I did the 31DBBB challenge at one point, but like you, I didn't get it done in 31 days. I still have the posts - think I'll try it out again! Thanks for the reminder!

    Posted by Amy Warden, 06/02/2011 3:46am (11 years ago)

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