The Cat Scrap

Amanda Anderson • 8 Jan 2011

random ugly cat

Today I was helping my mum unpack a few things, and we came across a box of breakable ornaments that I'd obviously been holding onto for a while for her and it probably hadn't been unpacked for a good number of years.

As we're unwrapping things in the box, Mum was naming most of the things before they were out of the paper. I came across a rather heavy package which she couldn't guess. We opened it up to see what it was and discovered the ugliest cat ornament you'd every seen. "Mum", I asked. "Have you ever seen this before?" She looked at it and I guess she was speechless. We were just looking at this ugly cat.

We began to laugh and then Mum said that she would blog about this (because we're both doing Cricket's 30 day blog challenge). Well I didn't think that was very fair, so we proceeded to have an arguement about who would get to blog about the ugly cat. In the end we compromised - she wrote about the ugly cat (read it here) and I'm writing about the stuff she wanted to leave out - like fighting over the blog and who actually opened the darn thing :)

Random Ugly Cat

So far I've asked my sister and one of my brothers if they'd ever seen it before. No luck yet. If anyone knows where this butt ugly random cat ornament has come from, can you let me know?? (Sorry in advance if anyone thinks it's the cutest thing out or if you gave it to us)

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  • It's ugly all right! LOL!

    Posted by Amy Warden, 10/01/2011 12:10pm (11 years ago)

  • Are you sure that's a cat? :o)

    Posted by Glennette, 09/01/2011 2:56am (11 years ago)

  • OMG - I can't breathe cause I'm laughing so hard

    Posted by Amanda, 08/01/2011 11:14pm (11 years ago)

  • I think she is just adorable.

    Posted by Jen, 08/01/2011 11:01pm (11 years ago)

  • I gave this lovely ornament to your mother about 20 years ago for her birthday, it was with my hard earn boysenberry money that I bought it and am deeply hurt that you are saying it is butt ugly....... :( what an ugly cat

    Posted by Rachael Sixtus, 08/01/2011 10:35pm (11 years ago)

  • This is soooo funny!

    Posted by Cricket, 08/01/2011 9:46pm (11 years ago)

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