No more blogging on Sunday

Amanda Anderson • 30 Jan 2011

lazy sunday

I've got to the end of my 30 day blogging challenge and have decided that I will continue blogging, but it won't be every day! I seem to have the most trouble writing on a Sunday.

Like today, I'm trying to think about what I've done that's interesting enough to write about. I slept in (who doesn't on a Sunday), mucked around the house doing some housework and general cleaning, cooked dinner, had a visit from my inlaws (hence the cleaning), and continued doing the updates to my business website once all that was done.

But I did learn a lot over the last 30 days. The main one being that the more often you write, the better and faster you get at it. When I first started writing, it took me over an hour to do a post, often close to 2 hours by the time I'd organised the photo. Now I can get one out in 30 minutes if I'm not distracted.

Cricket also asked us what we had learnt during the challenge. Some of the comments by others really hit home.

The first was about having a backup blog in case you ran out of time. This was something that I really wish I did, as I was often up late at night, churning out my blog post. Having a back up post probably wouldn't have helped me most of the time, but it would have meant a couple less late nights!

A lot of people learnt that if they want to find the time to do something, they can fit it into their busy schedules. I would definitely agree. Before this challenge, I'd been telling myself for at least 2 years that I needed to start blogging, but just never 'found the time' to fit it in. But now that I've started, I can see the benefits of putting something new on a website more often than I had been.

Last but not least: done is better than perfect.


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  • I have decided to blog on M-W-F and do article submissions M-T-W-Th-F. Nothing on Saturday or Sunday.
    The two things I learned are:
    (1) If I will *use* the editorial calendar plugin, I actually get the posts done!
    (2) If I am always working on tomorrow's post rather than today's and stay a day ahead, I get them done. Less pressure since I have all day to get it done and it still goes out early am so hopefully people see it when they do their morning email/reader/blog checks. :o
    Oh yeah, the 3rd thing, there are some really cool people on the internet and I should read more personal blogs not just business blogs!

    Posted by Glennette, 31/01/2011 4:32pm (11 years ago)

  • Congrats on completing and sticking with it. I didn't do as well as you, but am surprised at how similar your experience has been to mine. Let's keep the parts that are working. All the best!

    Posted by Helen Hoefele, 31/01/2011 3:40pm (11 years ago)

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