Falling off the wagon

Amanda Anderson • 3 Feb 2011

old wagon

It would appear that it's quite easy to fall off the wagon even after doing something consistently for 30 days.

The whole point of the 30 day blogging challenge was to set myself up to be a consistent blogger, and to continue blogging 4 or 5 times a week once the challenge was over. Monday, Wednesday and Friday were definite days, Saturday if something interesting happened that day and Thursday is to be my business blog day which I'm still in the process of setting up.

Well it's Thursday. I did my post on Monday, which was day 31 for me, and somehow Wednesday came around really fast and the post got missed. If blogging for 30 days straight isn't going to ensure that I keep blogging, what is? At least I have the blogging challenge group on facebook to insure some accountability which is why today is a catchup blog, and tomorrow I better have something interesting to write about otherwise I'm going to have to get my mum to kick my butt!


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  • Like the pic, which goes with your blog!!!

    Posted by Nan, 04/02/2011 5:03am (11 years ago)

  • Hi Helen - I think it's more because I have changed to blogging every second day and 2 days managed to skip past without me realising!

    Posted by Amanda, 03/02/2011 4:00pm (11 years ago)

  • Don't beat yourself up over this. You've accomplished so much more than most of us have. Do you have any thoughts as to why you let it slip a little? Maybe you just needed a break? Is there anything you didn't do yesterday that you did do in the previous 30 days? Did your routine change? Did you give yourself the same reminders? I'm sure you'll get yourself back on schedule in no time.

    Posted by Helen Hoefele, 03/02/2011 1:51pm (11 years ago)

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