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Amanda Anderson • 23 Jan 2011

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I've been making some big changes to my website to get ready for the start of my business blog, and to fit in all the other things that I need to put in it. It's proving to be a bit of a challenge, but it always is when you're working on your own stuff.

I do a lot of design work - which is to be expected of a website and graphic designer. Like all design work, some of it comes easy, and some not so. The most frustrating is when a design has taken a bit longer than normal, but you're really chuffed with it, so present it to the client only to have them say 'no that's not what I want' even though the reason it took longer than normal was because you were trying to create a design that matched the brief that was given.

The problem with designing your own website and other marketing material, is you're never quite happy with it. At least I'm not. I'm continually tweaking stuff when I get a chance, so much that my hubby told me off yesterday. Apparently I have enough other work to do not to be redesigning my website yet again. How do you explain that 'tweaking' what the page looks like isn't a redesign, it's just adjusting bits that you weren't entirely happy with in the first place. I mean I only totally redesigned it Feb last year so I've held onto this one for a while now, which is pretty good going for me.

Yesterday I logged 6 hours in my job management program making changes to my website (minus 45 minutes to write yesterdays blog) so have updated the website platform to be the latest version, updated all of the modules to the latest versions, installed the blog module and styled it to look good, discovered some interesting Silverstripe features and started redesigning the homepage to fit on all the bits that need to go on it now.

I also looked through the photos that I have for my website - you would not believe how hard it is to get suitable photos for a web design business that aren't computers or hosting servers or abstract bits of 'webiness' floating through space.

I've just got to upload it all to the server now so that you can all see what I've done. I do a lot of my development work locally on my computer, then upload it once I'm done, because it cuts out all that 'edit the file, save the changes, upload, check the change, see it's wrong, make another change, upload again' routine. It's easier just to edit, save, refresh.

Perhaps I overdid it for a Saturday because I spent most of today with a wicked headache, so got out of the house for a bit to look at the tractor we're buying. Fun.

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  • Oh, I hear ya, girl! I futzed around with my site for 2 years, finally got it up and realized that it was already out of date. Take heart! Ian Coyle, one of the leading designers around today, said that he has the same problem. As soon as he'd get the new site done he'd start working on a new one. We're always trying to improve and keep up with the newest technology.

    Posted by Fran, 24/01/2011 4:07am (11 years ago)

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