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Amanda Anderson • 7 Feb 2011

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We thought that seeing we had been in our new place for 2.5 months now, it was high time we got ourselves sorted and threw a house warming party. And of course, that includes inviting our new neighbours.

I hadn't really thought about how many neighbours we actually have, but had noticed that for an empty country road, we do get quite a bit of traffic. It wasn't until we attempted to visit only the neighbours that are on our boundary or very close to it that we realised just how many people live out this way.

Sunday was our starting day for visiting the neighbours. Mother Nature decided that the best idea would be to have the hottest weather that we'd ever had. It got up to 40 degrees Celsius at one point.

Perhaps walking was not the best idea. We did 2 very long driveways - they were about 1km long. We were quite disappointed that the first one only had 1 place at the end and no-one was home. The second had 4 places along it, and we stopped to visit everyone. At the very last house, they offered us a beer - which was accepted with relief. We found out some interesting facts about our property, including what type of well pump we have, as this neighbour was the person who actually installed it!

The worst thing about dying in the heat and drinking beer was you tend to drink it faster than normal, and feeling slightly dehydrated from the long walks, it went straight to my head and we stumbled home. Ok, so I'm over-exaggerating a little but in the heat of the day, anything could have happened.

It was no surprise that we decided to wait out the rest of the afternoon, and take another stab at the visits after dinner. It was still hot enough to cook you, so we took the car - damned if I was going to walk those other long driveways that day!

We visited 6 more people that night and had to decline multiple offers of coffee, otherwise we would never get around everyone. By the time we got home again we had to move the irrigation sprinklers in the dark. Fun.

Tonight we visited another 4 neighbours, moved the sprinklers in the dark again, and only have 2 more to visit tomorrow.

Looks like it's going to be a great day on Saturday, most of our neighbours will pop in at some stage, and hopefully a number of people from our business network groups, townie friends and some clients of mine as well. Let's just hope that the weather is not as hot as yesterday but a lot sunnier than the downpour of rain that hammered us today.


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