Learning to Drive

Amanda Anderson • 13 Feb 2011

driving the tractor 2

Today I learn to drive and operate the newest vehicle addition to our farm - the tractor.

We picked it up this morning, and hubby drove it for nearly 2 hours to get it home, crusing along at about 30kph. Earmuffs are definitely a requirement!

The tractor arrived home, and while I carried on with the rest of the things I needed to get done, the tractor was busy moving lots of gravel from one end of the property to the track we have around the duck pond. This track was often a mud pit, being lower than the rest of the track and water just pools in it.

After a number of hours, I was interrupted from my computer card game (come on, I mean it is Sunday after all) and asked if I wanted to have a go. Why not? I could always come back to my card game.

I discovered that there are a lot of levers and petals in a tractor. There's 2 hydraulic levers to control the loader and bucket, another 2 to control hydraulics for anything on the back, gearstick, high-low ratio stick, accelerator stick and pedal, clutch, pto clutch, the metal switchy thing that changes which hydraulics are used (plus the random bit of metal pipe to get it back out again), two brake petals and probably some more that I've forgotten about.

The gearbox was definitely interesting and will probably be the most likely to catch me out. I mean, a normal gearbox usually looks like this:

1  3  5
|   |   |
2  4  R

The tractor however looks like this:

1  2  4
|   |   |
3   R    

Oh well, time to try things out. And I must say I didn't do too bad. I drove up to the other end of the property, let hubby pick up a scoop of rocks because it involved using about 4 levers at once and I was still getting the hang of driving the thing. We backed up, drove back down the property and dumped the rocks in the track. I did this another time and decided that twice was enough, and it was about time that I fed the animals.

Hubby did one more trip and I thought it was about time I grabbed the camera - the photo above was just after we dumped the last load. The tractor is now parked up in it's home for the night and it's dinner time.


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  • I love your blog. The tractor sounds like fun and I hope Warwick is like a kid with a new toy. I was not aware it had a scoop on it. That will come in handy if there is snow or if you have lots of mud on the property. Good luck and enjoy.....you only live once!

    Posted by John, 14/02/2011 9:33am (11 years ago)

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