Hedgehog Mischief

Amanda Anderson • 29 Jan 2011

hedgehog mischief

It turns out that my hubby accidently created a hedgehog trap when he was digging a hole to fix some pipes. We left it unfilled to check the new join didn't leak, and tonight I found this poor little guy stuck in the hole.

Hedgehog Hiding

I managed to get him out of the hole without pricking myself. He lay there in the grass for a little while, all curled up in a ball.

Hedgehog getting up

Hedgehogs move surprisingly fast. It took him about 4 goes to get off his back, which gave me plently of time to get photos, but every single one of them a moving blur - this one was the best of the lot!

Hedgehog on the move

Once he got up, his only thought was to get as far away from the camera lady as possible, so off he went, with me following, clicking away.

Hedgehog closeup

At least I got a good closeup (ignore that bit of grass please)


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  • Great photos,filled in the fish pond ''cos one drowned in my garden

    Posted by Nan, 30/01/2011 10:14pm (11 years ago)

  • What great pictures!! He's great!

    Posted by Sidney, 30/01/2011 6:38am (11 years ago)

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