Summer BBQ

Amanda Anderson • 10 Jan 2011

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It's been another hot North Canterbury day, perfect for an evening BBQ with family, and we were in for a treat.

I've been looking after my Uncle's pup for a week while he's been up north, and he popped in tonight to pick him up, so we thought we'd make a night of it and fire up the BBQ. My uncle bought down a bunch of meat that he had in the fridge. He'd been fishing and is quite a keen hunter, so bought us some fresh fish, wild pig sausages, and some Tuatua.

Before today, I had never hear of Tuatua, let alone eat it. It turns out that it is only available from the northern half of the North Island, so it's not normally available in the central South Island. It's a shellfish that tasted great! Here is some more info about it.

Mum and I were in charge of salads, but we were finding it a little difficult because we had no lettuce, which makes salad making a challenge. So it was time to get the creative juices going. This started with a look in the pantry and the fridge. We ended up with 3 salads, so did pretty well I think.

Salad #1: New Potato, Egg and Bacon

We had some left over new potatoes from the night before which we chopped and added boiled turkey eggs and homemade bacon to, then stirred in some mayo. Easy :)

Salad #2: Salmon and Pasta

We found a part packet of macaroni elbows which we cooked, cooled and added a can of salmon, sliced gerkins, a tomato, some cocktail onions and stir in some mayo.

Salad #3: Bean and Corn

I found a can of mixed beans in the cupboard, along with some baby corn. Rinse and toss together, crumble in some feta cheese and add some radish sprouts. Drizzle with balsamic dressing (1 part balsamic vinegar, 2 parts oil - shake well to combine then use)

All of this was quick to put together, the hardest part was waiting for the eggs to boil.

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