Writers Block

Amanda Anderson • 17 Jan 2011

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I am really enjoying Cricket's 30 day challenge, however seem to have hit a brick wall with my writing, and get stuck after choosing the title and the picture. Well that's not quite true, I can usually get the first paragraph done.

I hadn't found writing hard until yesterday. I sort of got busy on Saturday, so missed the post (sorry Cricket) and had full intentions of catching it up yesterday. But I sat in front of my computer and couldn't write. Oh I picked out the photo, and chose the title. I even got the first sentence done.

It's making me think that writing a blog for day to day happenings is harder than I thought it would be. I mean, you can only write about sitting in front of your computer so many times before it's cheating and you're just repeating the last post with a few words changed.

Actually all this post is doing for me is making me realise that I need to diversify what I do each day. But hopefully I've broken the block and can get yesterday's and the day before's post out.


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