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Amanda Anderson • 16 Jan 2011

ocean jigsaw

What better thing to do on Sunday afternoon, than to spend it at the dining room table doing jigsaws?

I guess it started with my mum, and her creating online jigsaws as part of her blog. And while doing online jigsaws is great, I was craving the real feel of doing a jigsaw. Having to actually sort the sides from the middle bits and turning the pieces all up the right way.

Quite a few years ago, my parents gave me a jigsaw that I liked so much that I went and got the other 3 puzzles in the set. Each puzzle is 500 pieces, and you can probably see from the photo, that they aren't your standard pieces. Which doesn't make them the easiest puzzles to do.

It's been quite a while since I did them, but I pulled out the first one and started working away. Oh how disappointed I was when I got to the end and there was a piece missing. But, on the bright side, it had happened before, and the piece had been found in one of the other boxes. I pushed the puzzle aside, and started on the next one.

I completed the next one, which had another piece missing. I was mad now! And I had also run out of table room. So I packed up the first two puzzles, keeping out a bit with the missing piece, so that if I found the now two missing pieces, I could put them in the puzzle.

Puzzle 3 had all of it's pieces and no extras in the box. And so did the fourth.

So not only have I not found my missing pieces, I took a look at my jigsaw puzzle box. I have about 8 more puzzles to do to check that my 2 missing pieces aren't in one of those boxes. Wish me luck - some of them are big suckers.

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  • Makes me think another project for me this winter. Have 2 new puzzles to do

    Posted by Nan, 22/01/2011 8:50am (9 years ago)

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