Moving my Mum

Amanda Anderson • 5 Jan 2011

roof cracks

Today I spent the day trying to put even more boxes into my little house.

My mum's house is literally falling apart with all of the earthquakes that Christchurch has been hammered with since 4th September 2010. The photo is the ceiling of her kitchen. She's hoping to be back in California in a few weeks, but in the meantime, she's moving out to the farm with me, hopefully a little further away from the aftershocks that we are still getting. We moved to our place mid November and certainly haven't felt as many since but get to feel the occasional rumble. It's almost scary how I've got used to them.

The best thing about having mum move out here is that she's going help me finish unpacking - which I still haven't managed to do since moving in November and emptying our storage unit last week. And this weekend we're going to dig up the other half of the vege garden so that we can plant some more veges.

We're also going to be having a sale, and getting rid of a bunch of stuff that we've had in boxes for ages and never use. I seemed to have accumulated a lot of stuff, and now that I've moved from a 4 bedroom house to a 2.5 with my office space has halved, there isn't anywhere to put stuff! Trademe is going to end up being my friend in the coming months.

Tomorrow mum will actually be out here - she's spending her last night in her place to finish cleaning up the last few things in the morning and tomorrow I will be cooking her dinner and serving a glass of wine or six - I think we both deserve it!

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  • Oh am I looking forward to that dinner and wine, what a treat :)

    Posted by Ruth, 06/01/2011 7:36am (9 years ago)

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