Resetting my body clock

Amanda Anderson • 12 Jan 2011 • 1 Comments

alarm clock

I always find it surprising how simple it is to put your body clock out of sync. One single night where you can't sleep, and catch up in the afternoon of the next day is all it takes.

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The Cat Scrap

Amanda Anderson • 8 Jan 2011 • 6 Comments

random ugly cat

Today I was helping my mum unpack a few things, and we came across a box of breakable ornaments that I'd obviously been holding onto for a while for her and it probably hadn't been unpacked for a good number of years.

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Moving my Mum

Amanda Anderson • 5 Jan 2011 • 1 Comments

roof cracks

Today I spent the day trying to put even more boxes into my little house.

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What a Super Hot Day

Amanda Anderson • 3 Jan 2011

hot and dry

Today was actually a very unproductive day for me - mostly because we spent most of the day trying not to die in the heat. So no surprise that I didn't make it into the vege garden either.

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Happy New Year and Goal Setting

Amanda Anderson • 1 Jan 2011

happy new year

Well I'm taking up the challenge - writing a blog every day for the next 30 days. It's going to be fun.

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