Making the move to business blogging

Amanda Anderson • 21 Jan 2011

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I've been so inspired with the 30 day challenge that I've been planning how to start blogging for the business - so inspired in fact that I've planned a blog post a week right through until October.

I run my business in 3 main areas - website design, graphic design and working on email marketing which something I should do more of but haven't had the proper plans in place to make it happen. Marketing plans are awesome as they give you clarity and direction. Sticking to it throughout the year is my challenge.

I've starting by making a calendar, and each month I will focus solely on one of my 3 key areas. Once I worked out how many weeks there are in each month, I could work out how many blogs I would be doing. My starting point is 1 blog per week, and we'll go from there.

The best part about blogging for the business is I will actually have interesting information to put out in my email newsletters - which is another thing I'm starting this year. I've always put it off because I've been stuck on what to put in them. At least I know I will have 4-5 articles to choose from.

The first step is to install a blog on my business website, so that I have somewhere to put all these planned blog posts. This website is mostly for my personal blog, so I'm keeping them seperated. My first post will be about having a good logo and brand, so keep an eye out for it!


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  • Since you host my websites I'm definitely looking forward to hearing what you have to say in all your key areas. Can't wait for you to get started :)

    Posted by Ruth, 21/01/2011 11:27am (9 years ago)

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