Growing Grapes

Amanda Anderson • 20 Jan 2011

grapes and vine

We inherited some very well established grape vines when we moved to the farm, they are growing well and we'll be eating them when they are ready, hopefully before the million birds around here get to them.

New Zealand has a wide variety of grapes, used for wine making and also eating. I'm not sure what variety we have, but the people here before us had a great habit of leaving the tags on all the rose bushes, so with a little luck I might be able to get under the vines and find something once this seasons grapes are done - there's way too many leaves, vines and grapes to try and get under there at the moment.

According to, you don't get a proper crop from your grapes until the 3rd year, so these vines must be at least that old. There are so many bunches of grapes hidden under the leaves so I hope they don't fall off their support when they ripen. The vines are going to be well in need of a prune once the leaves start to die.

I'm looking forward to when they are ready - there's nothing quite like eating food that you have grown yourself and I think that is the best bit about being out on our farm. We can grow our own fruit and vegetables and raise various animals for the freezer (sorry but it's true).

All going well, all these grapes will be ready for picking in Autumn, which is only a couple of months away now. The easiest way to tell is when the birds start eating them, so I'll have to keep an eye on them to make sure they don't eat them all before we get there! Investing in some grape netting to keep them off might be a wise idea.


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