Garden update

• 22 Jan 2011

new rhubarb plants

In amongst all the website updates I was working my way through today, I managed to take a break and get out in the garden for a short while to plant some more veges and check out what else was happening out there.

When I visited the vegetable shop earlier this week, they had a seedling specials on - 4 pots for $10, so I picked up some a pottle of leeks, 2 rhubarb plants, a pottle of watercress and finally got around to planting them today.

General rule of thumb with seedling pots here seems to be 6 plants to a rectangle pottle, or 1 plant to a round pot. 100 leek plants later, I'd finally separated them out and planted them in the garden. They were very root bound, so hopefully I didn't kill too many in the process and they should take off now that they have some space again.

My rhubarb is at one end of the garden, where it has room to spread out and grow. I got 2 plants and will pick up another couple if they still have them for sale next week. Along from the rhubarb, I've put in some silverbeet seeds which expired in 2004. Most of the seeds that I'm planting are old ones that I found while moving and because it's late in the season for planting. I'm seeing anything that comes up as bonus veges and will plant the garden with fresh seeds in the spring.

Turns out my peas won't be bonus veges this year. I wasn't holding out much hope for them, as they expired in 2003 and the seeds didn't look too healthy when I put them in the ground 3 weeks ago. Nothing has come up as yet.

I have the irrigation race running along the back side of the garden, so have put my watercress into pots which sit on the edge of the race in the shallow water. We'll see how they get on.

My potatoes are growing well and should hopefully be flowering soon, which means late season new potatoes - yum. My corn on the other hand is very stumpy. I had planted it into pots before we moved, but with all the hassles of moving being delayed by a week and too many other things to sort out, they spent a bit long in the pots, which has resulted in corn stalks that are only 1 metre tall (at the most). Lucky I planted some more seeds in the garden when I transplanted the stumpies, so hopefully they will actually grow to the height they should.

I've got flowers on one of my pumpkin plants, and the others are taking off across the garden, but not as fast as the blackberry that's on the other side working it's way towards the sprinkler in the middle. It will be moved out of the garden once the berries are ripe.

And finally I have some lettuces and tomatoes coming up in some pots I put at the edge of the garden. The lettuces is going to be a bit of hit and miss because there also seems to be a lot of weeds coming up as well, and I didn't plant rows which makes it's interesting to work out what is what. The tomato pot seems to be weed free at the moment and I have 4 plants on their way up.

The last thing I planted today was some scarlet runner beans next to the netting fence in the middle of the garden so they should grow up and over that quite nicely. I've only planted one side of the fence, when spring comes around I will do the other side.

I've still got a few things that I want to plant, and some pots of something to transplant (they're either savoy cabbages or broccoli but I can't remember which pot I put which in), but they will need to wait until another day when I have more time. Hmmm, I thought weekends were supposed to be when you had lots of time - yeah right!


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  • I love reading about your garden as I watch a blizzard out my window!! Gives me hope!!

    Posted by Sidney, 23/01/2011 6:38am (9 years ago)

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