Digging up the Garden

Amanda Anderson • 4 Jan 2011

the garden

I haven't kept a vege garden since before I was a teenager. It brings back memories of helping my Grandad plant an entire paddock in potatoes. And the next paddock in everything else from carrots to lettuces to pumpkins.

At home we used to have a fairly big vege garden as well. And us 4 kids were given our own spot where we could plant what we wanted. I learnt that you don't need to use a whole packet of carrots in a row about 2 metres long, that pigs make excellent clean up crew once everything has been harvested, and that I would never have to plant potatoes when Grandad would have them coming out his ears in a couple of months time.

So anyway, I now have a plot about 4x10 metres, half of which is dug up and mostly planted, the other half is waiting for me to finish digging up. I have broccoli, cauliflower, spinach and cabbages in seedling trays, so need to have it dug up before they are ready to transplant. Already I have corn growing well, some pumpkins, potatoes, lettuces (which have been eaten by escapee sheep and dug up by pigs), strawberries, a blackberry threatening to take over the entire space, and although they were planted late, I'm hoping that my tomatoes come up. I've planted the tomatoes in big pots, the plan being if they don't come up soon enough, I can bring them into the conservatory which gets full day sun and will be warmer than outside in the wind.

Today I was planning to plant some carrots, radishes and spring onions, but I haven't had the time. I did manage to get out and check everything else over - I have potatoes coming up now and the second lot of corn that I planted. When I eventually get to the carrots and radishes , I will be mixing the seeds together to plant. Radishes grow faster and are eaten sooner than carrots, so you pull them up to thin out the carrots, which results in needing to pull less carrots out to thin them out. Ha - my tip of the day I reckon.


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  • This is awesome, we have just started vegi gardening this year - gorgeous organic patch with vegies and herbs we love it!!!

    Posted by Lenore, 04/01/2011 9:53pm (8 years ago)

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