Rainy Day

Amanda Anderson • 18 Jan 2011

rain drops

Today was great - it rained. The ground was so dry that this downpour of rain was much needed to make the grass grow. Or at least start to recover from the big dry spell that we've been having.

I'm not entirely sure how much rain we had, but it was enough to leave my car sitting in a huge puddle.

It was also enough to flood the entire pig pen in about 3 inches of water! The little guys loved digging around in the mud so much today that they managed to dig out the side of the water race. Because it was raining so much, the race was full and completely overflowed out into their pen. So they probably had a great time. We've fixed it up so hopefully their pen will drain again, and in the meantime, they have their shelter filled with hay to snuggle up in.

The rain seems to be easing off now, but it's dark out so I'm not going out to check. But hopefully it's still raining in the morning - believe me we need it.


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