Escapee Ducks

Amanda Anderson • 14 Jan 2011

rouen ducks

It would seem that we are destined to have a different group of animals escape from their pen every week. This week it was the ducks turn. The best part is they didn't go far.

We have rouen ducks, which are the french meat duck. They can't fly and spend most of the day hanging out around the pond, or over near the fence where they get fed. They're getting bigger, and are only 3 months old.

My hubby had been working on the pump which runs off the pond. There's a gap between a shed and the chook house that we put a crate across to stop the ducks getting out. We had moved it to get into the pond.

It did take them 3 days to work out that the crate had moved. And they did only come out because I was mixing up their food. So I had 4 ducks snapping at my ankles as I led them back into their pond pen to feed them. I just wish that all animals were this easy to get back where they were supposed to be and take so long to work out that there's a place for them to get out.

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  • Do I spot a blue-billed duck in the mix? So pretty! Glad they were so easily convinced to return. :)

    Posted by Amy Warden, 16/01/2011 5:07am (8 years ago)

  • Your ducks bring back memories of our duck rearing days!!!

    Posted by Nan, 15/01/2011 3:59pm (8 years ago)

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