Day 2

Amanda Anderson • 2 Jan 2011


Ok - I'll come up with a better title tomorrow. But for me to post day 2 is a small celebration, as it means that I haven't busted my goal set yesterday.

I've been spending time making food that I either haven't done for a while, like breadmaking, or haven't done before, like my proscuitto ham and pancetta bacon.

The worst thing about making your own bread is the smell when it comes out. Not because it's a bad smell, but because it's so tempting to just cut into and eat the whole loaf. I've been using an old recipe, the one that Mum used to use with her breadmaker. I was always the one who had to put the bread on at home, so it's not surprising that after 10 years I can still remember the recipe off by heart. I've made a couple of adjustments to it, like adding linseed and poppy seeds to the mix, which not only makes it taste great, it means that you have healthy grainy bread which is good for all.

Proscuitto and pancetta have been exciting to make, being the first time I've done it. Last October I went on a 'Pig in a Day' course, which not only taught me how to make these, but also sausages, salami, wet cure bacon and Christmas ham. It was very well worth the $150 that the course cost, and I can highly recommend it. I got to put it all into use a lot sooner than I was expecting, due to getting my hands on a pig that was ready for slaughter before Xmas. Which also really helped with Christmas dinner as well. The image above is a pancetta drying in my fridge, it will be ready in about 2 weeks.

Proscuitto air dryingThe proscuitto is currently hanging in my laundry, after being cured in about 20kg of salt for the past 2.5 weeks. It's looking and smelling really good, but won't be ready for at least 6 months. Makes you understand why it is so expensive in the supermarkets when you realise it takes probably 12 months to make. We can start cutting into it at 6 months because we're not going to be using it fast enough, and it should be fully ready by the time we get into the middle. 6 months is actually pretty good timing, as thats about when our next pig will be ready for slaughter and I can start the process all over again.

I also tried turkey eggs for the first time yesterday. They taste very similar to hens' eggs, but larger. We have 6 turkeys - 3 hens, 2 toms and a 6ish week old chick which (sorry in advance) will be next years Christmas dinner. Some people get a bit weird when I say this, but the rule with our lifestyle block is: with the exception of the cat, tropical fish and the dog we will get, everything on the farm is for breeding or eating (or in the turkeys, ducks and hens case, producing eggs). So I'm very pleased that at least one of our turkey hens is earning her keep. Come on you other 2, start laying eggs for me.

Well that's blog post number 2 finished. Tomorrow I'm going to do some work in the vege garden if the weather lets me so will let you know how it goes :)

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